Help in writing a dissertation


Help in writing scientific work of all kinds – from more advanced issues such as habilitation dissertations, specialist articles, doctoral theses, academic and school textbooks, to less-complicated and less creative jobs such as: Master’s, bachelor’s, engineering.

Anyone who is looking for professional help in writing a scientific paper, regardless of whether it is a dissertation or a master’s thesis or a bachelor’s degree, can get it, among others through consultation. The inquiries can be submitted via the contact form, or by using the slack:

Help in writing a dissertation

Assistance in writing a dissertation includes comprehensive preparation of content in accordance with the requirements of the client. The delivery time depends on the scope of assistance. Comprehensive writing of a doctoral dissertation or a habilitation dissertation usually lasts from two months even up to six months. Everything depends on the scope of research to be carried out.

Writing a doctoral thesis fragmentarily (eg Preparing a work chapter) usually lasts up to a month, except for situations in which the preparation of a part involves the development of an innovative research method or an indicator or analytical measure or a forecasting model. Then writing a dissertation can take up to two months.

Writing a master’s thesis

Help in writing a master’s thesis can be obtained by contacting the ghostwriter via our website

An interdisciplinary approach to the problem guarantees high satisfaction with the ghostwriting service. A professionally prepared master’s thesis is indispensable in the competition proceedings. Professionals for master’s thesis or bachelor’s thesis are announced more and more often; competitions for a habilitation dissertation in a specific field are also popular.

Ghostwriter, guarantee of a well-written diploma thesis. It is primarily scientific publications of the highest quality:

  • Help in writing a BA thesis
  • Help in writing a master’s thesis
  • Help in writing a doctorate (dissertation)
  • Preparation of the habilitation dissertation
  • Writing scientific articles
  • Preparation of scientific and literary publications (ebooks, textbooks, books)
  • Writing e-books

Comprehensive help in writing an e-book is not just about preparing the concept. Writing an e-book takes up to two months. Help in writing a book covering the preparation of a concept and a sketch as well as the entire publication is about 3 months.

Writing scientific works

Writing a novel lasts for a maximum of three months. The novel – in accordance with the adopted canon, counts from 200 to 300 pages, comprehensive help in writing a novel, preparing a sketch for publication and showing the author possible ways to publish.

Help in writing a scientific book is a multi-stage process. Writing a scientific book usually lasts up to half a year, if it is an innovation, it usually takes up to 4 months with analytical materials.

The use of ghostwriter services guarantees high quality of publications and full support in project management. A project approach to writing a book means the best material management and its market career. Help in choosing the place of publication by presenting the possibilities and indicating potential recommendations for project development.

Scientific Ghostwriting is an offer addressed to anyone in need of professional scientific texts, such as school and academic textbooks, scientific articles, specialist publications, diploma works, etc.

Literary Ghostwriting is a support for writing literary texts, such as novels, collections of poems or short stories, dramas. Literary texts on order include many literary genres, both epic and lyric. Literary Ghostwriting also includes dramatic pieces that present stage and competition features.